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Dan Corner Exposed a False Teacher

Before Dave Hunt started his ministry, he had a career as a CPA- management consultant and also managed several corporations. His religious beliefs have been influenced by Plymouth Brethren. Now Hunt is a popular speaker, radio commentator and author. Hunt has written many books on the cults and other religions, theology and prophecy, as well as analyses of his opinion on Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism and Calvinism. Regretfully, his books have sold over 4 million copies and have been translated into at least 50 languages. Hunt is also a frequent radio and TV talk-show guest (as well as co-hosting his own radio show on 300 stations), and has engaged in many debates with others he believes to be a false teacher. Dave Hunt’s organization has a mailing list of more than 25,000.
Dave Hunt Debate
Though Dave Hunt is considered by many religious people to be a chief Christian apologist, his false teaching about eternal security must be refuted for the sake of souls. It destroys the good done with his sound teachings. He labels himself a Berean yet remains willfully ignorant of the Scriptures on the issue of most importance to Christianity that is, the gospel and salvation itself.

Dave Hunt has endeavored to distance himself from Calvinism in his book, What Love Is This? while embracing the fifth point of Calvinism known as eternal security. Hunt’s position is that one can believe in eternal security but reject Calvinistic teaching, which is of course impossible. In reality, Dave Hunt is a one point Calvinist and therefore a false teacher.

Dan Corner Debates Dave Hunt

Seemingly ever ready, willing and able to debate about various religious topics, Dave Hunt has tried to avoid debating Dan Corner in a lengthy, fair, equally-timed exchange of theology regarding eternal security. However, a mini radio debate on eternal security with a host who was biased toward Dave Hunt’s Calvinistic position did occur (to Hunt’s regret). Some of the unbiblical points false teacher Dave Hunt adheres to are as follows:

–Dave Hunt promotes a “license for immorality” by saying the unnamed, sexually immoral man of 1 Cor. 5 was saved: “The man who had ‘his father’s wife’–a terrible sin–didn’t lose his salvation thereby …” (The Berean Call, July 1996, p. 3).

–Hunt teaches the same as the Calvinists regarding the sin unto death as he said, “Some of you are weak and sickly and some of you sleep. Some of you died because God just brought judgment upon you for the way you have conducted yourselves … there are some sins that are so heinous … and God takes them home for that.” (Dave Hunt Skull and Crossbones Award containing audio recording)

–In the Berean Call January 2007, page 5 Hunt wrote, “Paul introduces the idea [of the carnal Christian], beginning with himself” (Rom. 7:14).

–Sadly Hunt also taught, “Paul wrote most of his epistles to correct error in the church. But he doesn’t say that even the most carnal Corinthians are not saved.” (The Berean Call, January 2007, p. 5.)

–With regard to the false teaching that a Christian shall be saved so as by fire, Hunt has fabricated more as a false teacher by stating, “He even declares that a person could have been so carnal that all of his works will be burned up–yet ‘he himself shall be saved'” (1 Cor. 3:15). (Ibid.)

These unsound concepts must be debated and refuted for the sake of Christians who could be deceived by his heretic views.

Christian Apologist and Debater Dan Corner

Dan Corner is author of The Believer’s Conditional Security, the most comprehensive refutation to eternal security that has ever been written. Many of Dave Hunt’s false teachings are exposed in this massive volume where Dan Corner expounds on the Scriptures. Also included is an Open Letter from Dan Corner to Dave Hunt, which is referenced below for the reader’s convenience.

Dan Corner is passionate in his defense of the true Christian gospel of conditional security and no eternal security. His evangelistic expertise along with his pastoral experience have equipped him to contend for the faith against all manner of false teachings.

Dave Hunt is a dangerous false teacher whom Dan Corner would again like to debate about eternal security for two hours in a gentlemanly, equally timed exchange of ideas. Dan Corner believes that Dave Hunt is not a true Berean because he teaches and defends the lie of once saved always saved.

For the sake of precious eternal souls who could be deceived by the unscriptural teachings of Dave Hunt, Dan Corner will continue to contend for the faith by exposing and refuting the twisted distortions of eternal security false teacher Dave Hunt and others.


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