How Can I Discern Jesus’ Voice After Prayer

Bible Question
(BIBLE QUESTION) We as Christians pray to Jesus. However my question to you is, how would I know it is Jesus speaking back to me rather than satan, as he comes as an angel of light. How would I be able to determine or discern it is Jesus rather than satan after I have prayed?

(BIBLE ANSWER) The God of the Bible will always answer in accord to the message of the Bible. Furthermore, to pray about something which God has already told us about can be DANGEROUS, for if God answered it would always parallel Scripture. Therefore there is NO NEED TO PRAY ABOUT SOMETHING GOD HAS ALREADY SPOKEN ABOUT IN HIS WRITTEN WORD (the Bible). For example, if a person “prayed about” the Catholic Marian apparitions at Fatima where the Catholic Mary says she is our “refuge” and “the way” to God, instead of comparing that message to Scripture (Psa. 18:2; Jn. 14:6), he would be wide open for satanic deception! The devil can give a person a feeling, dream, vision, etc. to lead astray, if possible. The devil works through deception and lies. Since the Bible is pure TRUTH, knowing its message is the best way to identify the devil’s lies and stay safe. Again, there is NO NEED to pray about the things God has already told us about. [That truth also includes the unnecessary need to pray about the Book of Mormon, which Mormon missionaries will stress. Remember that.]

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