Dorcas (or Tabitha) was a first-century Christian woman who got physically sick and died. Her life before that point was noted for her good works and helping the poor (Acts 9:36,37). After her death, several things occurred which reflect what early Christian life was like.

Dorcas – Raised From The Dead

    • She was obedient (Heb. 5:9), for her life was characterized by doing good.
    • She helped the poor (including Christian widows), which is basic to following Jesus (Lk. 12:33; Jn. 13:29; etc.).
    • Though Dorcas went to Paradise after her death, Christians still mourned, crying over her departure. This same similar thing occurred when Stephen died (Acts 8:2) and Lazarus (Jn. 11:33-35).
    • Though all believers can lay hands on the sick and pray for their healing (Mk. 16:18), apparently she didn’t get better, for she died.

raised from the dead

  • She was raised from the dead! Peter was a man of great faith. God used him again in this manner, but this time it was to raise Dorcas from the grave!
  • Many came to a saving faith after she was raised to life again (Acts 9:42). This was not the first time a miracle brought people to salvation (Acts 9:35).
  • Nowhere was her Near Death Experience, if she had one, focused upon as proof of the afterlife or what happens after death. The same can be said of Lazarus who was dead for 4 days before the Lord Jesus raised him from the grave (Jn. 11:39) and all the others. If people won’t believe Scripture (the Bible), they won’t be persuaded though someone raises from the dead (Lk. 16:31).

Remember This Christian Woman – Dorcas

Godly women like her were a true blessing to those around her. If you are a Christian woman, remember her and make your short life count for God while you still can. (There were other noteworthy Christian women besides Dorcas too, but she was certainly one.)

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