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Agnostic Crystal McVea’s Near Death Experience

Crystal McVea died for 9 minutes while in the hospital and had a heavenly near death experience. During that time she had a near death experience and says she went to heaven, as an agnostic! [Interviewer] “… the school teacher … Continue reading

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Dorcas (or Tabitha) was a first-century Christian woman who got physically sick and died. Her life before that point was noted for her good works and helping the poor (Acts 9:36,37). After her death, several things occurred which reflect what … Continue reading

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Another Lying Devil

Our day is rampant with blatant outlandish religious deception. Such deceit often comes through various types of religious leaders cloaked with authority. For example, Stephen Scheier, a Catholic priest, gives his alleged NDE testimony of what he claims happened after … Continue reading

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Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience

In 2008, Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander recovered from a meningitis-induced coma of seven days. During that time he had a heavenly Near Death Experience (or NDE). Now he wants people to know heaven is real and wrote a book, Proof of … Continue reading

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