Ecumenical Papal Apostasy Party

The denominations are wildly apostate! Watch this video for visual proof. The top leaders of various religious groups kiss and/or shake the pope’s hand as though it is a great honor for them to touch him, who is called “his holiness”! In reality, the popes are antichrist, heretics and idolaters, without exaggeration. WHY? Because Roman Catholicism is so contrary in dogma and practice to New Testament Christianity and the popes, especially, believe it all. Pope John Paul II was one of the most blatant and extreme Mary idolaters over the last 50 years. How anyone could respect and promote such a false religious leader only reveals how spiritually dark such people are.

Though the below video doesn’t show Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Jack Van Impe, Kenneth Copeland and many others involved in such false unity, they too are in the same lethal spiritual fog.

Our heart goes out to new converts who see such false unity among pagans, who are supposed to be spiritual leaders.

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