Former Catholic Writes Mother Angelica

Dear Mother Angelica:

Greetings in Jesus’ name. I recently heard one of your talks on the internet. I was touched out of mercy for your soul. mother angelicaIt appears that you are a sincere Catholic, who is trying to do the right things. That is commendable. However, as a former Catholic, I know the emptiness without salvation. We (Catholics) have been taught Mary, the sacraments and being a Catholic are all essential for salvation. Such is dangerously foreign to the Bible.

Please accept the enclosed book [Is This The Mary of the Bible] as a gift for you. Read it carefully. JESUS is to be the focus of our faith. We can get to him without Mary by being humble and sincere. He will take us in if we are willing to turn from our sins and place a submissive faith in JESUS (which leaves 0% for Mary).

The Fatima visions declare that Mary is “the way” to God! That is violently contradicted by Jesus himself in John 14:6. So the dilemma for all Catholics is which will you reject? Will you believe Jesus and reject the Fatima visions and the Catholic authorities, which sanctioned them OR what Jesus taught?

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The Bible declares the Lord Jesus as our life (Col. 3:4), our sweetness (Mt. 11:29) and our hope (1 Tim. 1:1) – not Mary! There is only ONE mediator and Mary is NOT it. Jesus is our only mediator (1 Tim. 2:5). The dying thief got forgiven without Mary. Mary was at the foot of the cross, but got to Jesus without her for his forgiveness (Luke 23:42,43)!mother angelica doesn't know the way Jesus never said if you want to come to me you must first go to Mary. Never! He also went to Paradise, not Purgatory, where forgiven mortal sinners, like thieves, are supposed to go.

The Bible is God’s truth, but drastically different from praying to Mary, the saints and angels. There are no bowing before and kissing statues that are allowed. There is no office as “pope.” Peter was not a pope, based on scripture. Did you know Peter NEVER mentioned Mary by name or referred to her even once, at any time, especially in his 2 epistles. Paul wrote about EVERY aspect of the Christian life — including prayer, devotion, grace, forgiveness, etc., but never (not even once) mentioned Mary or inferred to her! Could the Lord’s apostles be wrong? Could it be wrong or error to do it the Bible way without Mary, the Catholic sacraments, etc.? All have sinned, including Mary, for she is not sharing in the glory of God as sinless (Romans 3:23 cf. Isa. 42:8).

For much more, please check out . Thanks.

Following Jesus,
Dan Corner

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