Innocent Party In Divorce Speaks Her Heart

[Bible Comment] I have been searching the scriptures….and in my heart I know the view you have on remarriage is correct.  I have been divorced for 19 years and so wish I was free to remarry. innocent party in divorce My husband and best friend ran off together [when] I was pregnant.  I have raised two incredible girls on my own.  My ex and friend are married with children….and I have been counseled by many a well Christians (pastors too) that I was the innocent party…so I am free.  This has never set well with me….because what if they are wrong.  I prayed and fasted some 19 years ago…and I asked God to never allow me to remarry if it meant my eternity.  My girls are older now and both serving Jesus….and I am alone.  When I start to get down and begin questioning remarriage…God reminds me of that prayer some 19 years ago.  It is difficult….this world can be a tough one going at it alone.   My ex and his wife serve in the church and have been told all is okay.  I don’t want to gain the whole world but lose my soul. What can I see your video on this? Thank you.

[Bible Answer] We are very sorry for the pain and misery you have/are experiencing over your husband’s unfaithfulness. VERY SORRY! There are many like you in our loose society plus this present apostate “church” (really a whore church). Our days are VERY DARK. Surely MULTITUDES ARE ON THE ROAD TO HELL IN ADULTERY OVER A SO-CALLED “REMARRIAGE.” It is a form of “adultery” (Mk. 10:11,12; etc.) like lust (Mt. 5:28,29), which isn’t readily known, but should be. Hence, MUCH harm is being done in those ways.

Please forgive both your husband and your old best friend. Don’t allow the devil to damn you over unforgiveness (Mt. 6:14,15).  Remember, in heaven – a PARADISE environment – there will be no marriages (Lk. 20:35).  Take one day at a time, keep your hand to the plow and don’t look back (Lk. 9:62). GOD BLESS YOU and give you great peace.

[Divorce is big business for both lawyers (who want to get rich) and the devil (who wants to hurt and damn souls).]

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