The Invisible God Does Exist

Jesus said God is spirit (John 4:24). Because he is, God is also invisible (1 Tim. 1:17; Col. 1:15). That trait makes some people disbelieve that such an invisible God can exist at all just because he is invisible and they have never seen him. If like most people, the same disbelieving people would realize that they also believe in an invisible law of gravity, an invisible emotion called love and other invisible things, then perhaps they would be one giant step closer to eternal life and truth.

Logically, it is impossible for a person to be an atheist!  Why?  Because to say there is no invisible God anywhere is to imply you have looked everywhere in the universe where God could possibly be and examined all possible ways the infinite invisible God could leave evidence behind of his own existence. Since these are both impossibilities for any person, then God might exist after all, even though such a disbelieving person has never seen him.

The evidence for the invisible God is mostly indirect, but far from a blind leap of faith and beyond rational belief. For example, if after a snowy night a person looked out into his yard and saw footprints around his car, he would know someone was by his car, even though he didn’t see him. The evidence in the snow proves someone was by his car. Similarly, God’s awesome and diverse creation is shouting out a definite message through design that he exists.

The Bible and the Invisible God

The Bible, with its many fulfilled prophecies, proves God exists and that the Bible was divinely inspired. God is omniscient. He knows the future perfectly with exact precision and therefore has foretold events through his prophets before they occurred. While such fulfilled prophecies imply the existence of the invisible God, the same word of God tells us how to get set free from our many sin addictions. The slavery to sin non-Christians are in holds them in bondage and death, while they blindly think they are free!  It is only the Lord Jesus Christ who can set sin slaves free upon sincere and humble repentance and a sincere faith which commits to follow and obeys the Lord Jesus in this wicked world.

The invisible God exists if we believe it or not! He is also a holy God and one to be feared for our own good. He alone has power to destroy both soul and body in hell (Mt. 10:28).

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