KJV Only Wrath

After I posted KJV Only Propaganda and Implications, the attacks came. What where they? One staunch extreme KJV onlyite wrote:

Your hatred for the KJB only shows you are not a Christian but an agent of Satan. I have sent you undeniable proof that your hatred is not basted on historical facts, but only on your personal humanistic feelings …. My God rebuke you and your false teaching about the KJB …. Your hatred for the King James Bible is beyond belief and is anti semantic.

mad personAgain, the KJV (or KJB) people have exalted their personal view of the King James Version of the Bible to be a salvation issue! If any person dares to reject their view, he/she is an agent of Satan, according to some. There is NOT a shred of evidence in any translation of the Bible, including the KJV, which says using any particular translation of the Bible is evidence of salvation or the lack of it. However, in the KJV Only cult-like mind, if one rejects the KJV because it is NOT understandable, then he is not a Christian and that’s that! Perhaps such KJV Onlyites need to be honest with themselves and others and just admit they can’t understand the KJV either! They are self-deceived, thinking they can understand the KJV when they can’t.

The missing word/s argument is no more valid than the other camp saying the KJV has added word/s which shouldn’t be there! It is what the Greek manuscripts say that counts, NOT any translation! If one is partial to the Textus Receptus, he should read the NKJV, Modern King James, Green’s or Young’s. Those translations are more understandable than the KJV.

NOTE: We acknowledge some Christians do use the KJV, but those same people do NOT believe one is unsaved if he doesn’t use that translation! That is the important vital difference.

The KJV Onlyites are not preaching the word of God when preaching their KJV Only gospel message. Such is not the message Christians are to spread. That makes the KJV gospel, no gospel at all, that is, it does not declare the plan of salvation! It doesn’t point people to JESUS. It doesn’t magnify holy living. It magnifies a translation which is 400 years old, which is NOT understandable to a large degree.

Finally, remember this: VICTORY and SALVATION is found only in JESUS CHRIST, not the KJV or any translation, church group, denomination, lodge membership, Mary, etc. If you escape hell, it will be because the Lord Jesus has saved you and has given you eternal life. Your faithfulness to JESUS is the issue, not what translation you read. God bless you.

About Dan Corner

Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.
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