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Open Letter To An OSAS Missionary

Thanks for being honest with the King David acid test question I asked you. By answering yes to my question about David remaining saved in his adultery and murder, you have stated that you believe one can be both an … Continue reading

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The Abolished Dietary and Ceremonial Laws

Unlike the days of Moses, the faithful to God are NOT now under the dietary or ceremonial law stated in the Torah. Among other things, Paul (a faithful Hebrew follower of Jesus) wrote: Therefore do not let anyone judge you … Continue reading

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KJV Only Wrath

After I posted KJV Only Propaganda and Implications, the attacks came. What where they? One staunch extreme KJV onlyite wrote: Your hatred for the KJB only shows you are not a Christian but an agent of Satan. I have sent … Continue reading

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Eternal Life and Catholicism

The most important subject in the entire Bible to learn about is salvation or how to get eternal life. If one is teaching wrongly about that, everything else he declares is worthless, as far as getting one into God’s kingdom. … Continue reading

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Another Gospel

Another gospel is the same as a false gospel or a gospel different from the one and only real one. Another gospel can be a popular teaching or one which is little known, but regardless, it claims to be the … Continue reading

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