IF All I Had Was A KJV

[Bible Comment] Thanks, for being brave enough to talk about KJV onlyism.  I have spoken about it openly for 42 years. kjv only I would have had a horrible time coming to know the Lord –IF all I had was a KJV….. Jesus worked with me through the _____ Bible phase of my early walk. I got a few things wrong because of it’s paraphrase — but- NOTHING like I would have misunderstood through KJV…. Praying for you!

[Bible Answer] Thanks for the encouragement. To stand against the kjv propaganda in our day is to invite a bunch of aggressive, divisive and grossly misinformed professing Christians to unjustly insult and attack, but for the sake of TRUTH it has to be done. The kjv only people amaze me! They say a 10 year
old can understand the kjv, yet kjv onlyites can’t, but are unable to
recognize it and profess they canKjv onlyism will hinder and deceive
people about the message of the Bible, which is MOST VITAL to know. It is
very sad, but many remain in bondage to this church tradition and its
archaic incomprehensible kjv words, which needs to be trashed for the sake
of comprehension. It is great to know you are free from such.

[Can you relate to this verse, which all Christians can?

“But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.” (Rom 6:22)]

GOD BLESS YOU,  (Heb. 3:14)]

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