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IF All I Had Was A KJV

[Bible Comment] Thanks, for being brave enough to talk about KJV onlyism.  I have spoken about it openly for 42 years.  I would have had a horrible time coming to know the Lord –IF all I had was a KJV….. Jesus … Continue reading

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The KJV and Other Translations

[Bible Response About The KJV] Greetings in Jesus’ name. We have MUCH material on many subjects that should bless and strengthen you spiritually. Please take your time and look over these 2 websites: Evangelical Outreach and Eternal Life Blog. Please … Continue reading

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Is The Bible a Product of Catholicism

[Bible Question From a Catholic about Scripture being the product of the Catholic Church] Please answer this for me. What is your logic in trying to use the Bible to disprove the Catholic faith, if the Bible is the product … Continue reading

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Attempted Suicide

[Personal Testimony] Hello I was reading about suicide. Whoever commits suicide they go to hell. 6 years ago I committed suicide. I hung myself in my room. God told my mum go see what your son is doing. She saw … Continue reading

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Impossible To Renew Them Again Unto Repentance

[Bible Question] I agree that salvation can be lost, but to be saved a second time is an impossibility according to Heb. 6. There is only one salvation and if that salvation is lost it cannot be restored. Heb 6:4 … Continue reading

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