Our Lady of Grace Mary Statue IDOL

Watch this short video advertisement for a Mary statue and it becomes obvious how important Mary is to deceived Catholics. Such advertisement, and subsequent sales, are the result of people just believing what they are taught by Catholic leaders rather than reading and believing the Bible.

Mary is called “Our Lady of Grace”! WHY? Catholicism teaches their 1.2 billion followers that ALL “grace” is dispensed through Mary. Hence, Mary’s mythical and fabricated title.catholic doctrine That is idolatrous enough, but it gets worse. In this video ad, she is presented as our protector, our refuge, our mediator and heavenly mother! Catholics KISS and bow before Mary statues and certainly this one will be no exception!

Though the price for this Mary statue wasn’t divulged, it costs $46.95. So for that amount you can have your own personal Mary idol of “Our Lady of Grace,” which is MUCH CHEAPER than the Catholic first class relic of Alphonsus Liguori which costs $450! Idol making has been a lucrative business for at least 2,000 years (Acts 19:24,25) – and certainly selling Mary statues in our day has brought in financial gain too.

The Mythical Religious Life of a Catholic

May ALL Catholics destroy their idols and turn from all their dependence on their mythical sovereign Mary, who can’t help us! Catholics have so exaggerated her importance that the “approved” Fatima apparitions label her as “THE WAY” to God! Shocking and deadly! The truth is JESUS is our ONE mediator (1 Tim. 2:5) and Savior. He alone has the ONLY name in which salvation is found (Acts 4:12) and he is “THE WAY” to God (Jn. 14:6) – NOT Mary. Mary is NOT on the throne ruling and reigning in heaven with Jesus! To believe what Catholicism teaches about their mythical Mary is enough to damn sincere Catholics to hell. People who believe what the Catholic church teaches are NOT Christians! Catholics need help and truth from God’s word and ONLY YOU can reach some! Much more vital truth is found here from a former Catholic.

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