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Warn The Wicked and Righteous

Warnings in the Bible were given to help the people they were given to but also to spare the warning givers of various spiritual adverse effects, which would be avoided by faithfully speaking out the warnings! This was clearly the … Continue reading

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Unaware Of The Danger

Imagine what it would be like to be in mortal danger, yet to be totally unaware of it. Certainly, many on the verge of a fatal heart attack are like that along with scores of others who have other serious … Continue reading

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Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Paul was not ashamed of the gospel, though it brought him much persecution and suffering. The word gospel means good news and comes from the Greek word from which we get the word “evangelize” and which is also related to … Continue reading

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Epaphras, An Example Of Faith

Epaphras was a mighty man of God and a soul winner, about whom too few in our day know anything. Among other things, Epaphras was apparently responsible for winning the souls which formed the church at Colosse. They learned about … Continue reading

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True Evangelism

Paul often went inside a synagogue, when he entered a new town, to evangelize and teach about eternal life. In Acts 13:16-41, we have one of his sermons on salvation taught from such a location. One of the outstanding parts … Continue reading

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Jesus Loves You Deception

How often we have all read or heard others tell another, Jesus loves you. While it is a definite truth that God loves even the unsaved (John 3:16; Mark 10:21; etc.), which is anti Calvinism, one can never find the … Continue reading

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