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Did Jesus Condemn Homosexuality?

What did Jesus teach about homosexuality? Was the PRECIOUS Savior silent about same sex relations? In our day of rampant open parading homosexuality and gay marriages, some have endeavored to reject the whole Bible, except the four Gospels. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Men’s Wicked Fashion Clothing of The Future

Among other things, the world’s spiritual forecast is an increase of wickedness (Mt. 24:12; 2 Tit. 3:13; etc.) until satan worship is worldwide (Rev. 13:4). [There definitely will be NO worldwide revival, as some teach!] Shocking as it may be, … Continue reading

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The Queen James Version Of The Bible

Without doubt, many professing Christians have heard of the King James Version of the Bible, but this is about the Queen James Version! So what is the newly published (November 2012) Queen James Version? Besides having a very distinctive rainbow … Continue reading

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