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Jimmy Swaggart EXPOSED As a FALSE Teacher

Jimmy Swaggart is a false teacher, but he is also very crafty! Jimmy Swaggart is spreading a license to sin under the Biblical term cross, which helps to conceal the glaring doctrinal error! He is another spiritual snare, especially to … Continue reading

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Donnie Swaggart’s License For Sin

[Bible Question] …Donnie Swaggart made the statement that most would conclude that Peter, because of his denial, he would have went to hell should he have died. Donnie then went on to say, that is not true. That Peter never … Continue reading

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Twice Lost Always Lost

[Bible Question] Greetings. I am interested in your beliefs on Hebrews 6:1-6. The Bible teaches: We are to walk in the Light. We do not commit sin. But then the bible says, “if we say we don’t have sin, the … Continue reading

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An Eternal Security NON-Christian Responds

[Bible Comments from a Once Saved Always Saved professing Christian] By what authority do you claim that a Christian addicted to pornography is not a Christian? Adultery is no more of a sin than murder or lying (James 2:10). Do … Continue reading

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