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Captive to Sin Again

Becoming captive to sin again AFTER being previously set free from sin addictions can happen! After the point of salvation different temptations and false teachings will confront the Christian. Some will be very strong and alluring. Some will be sudden … Continue reading

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Twice Lost Always Lost

[Bible Question] Greetings. I am interested in your beliefs on Hebrews 6:1-6. The Bible teaches: We are to walk in the Light. We do not commit sin. But then the bible says, “if we say we don’t have sin, the … Continue reading

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Impossible To Renew Them Again Unto Repentance

[Bible Question] I agree that salvation can be lost, but to be saved a second time is an impossibility according to Heb. 6. There is only one salvation and if that salvation is lost it cannot be restored. Heb 6:4 … Continue reading

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