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Some Highlights From Acts 1-10

In Acts 1, the 120 were in the upper room waiting for the baptism of the Holy Spirit (1:5) to have power for witnessing to the lost (1:8). Mary the mother of Jesus was there, but had NO special position, … Continue reading

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Jealousy is a sin, which can be directed against the successful and/or favored, and has led to murder at times and other detestable actions from those moved by it. Jealousy is also from the flesh (or sinful nature) and has … Continue reading

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Saul’s Lost Donkey Experience

Saul’s father lost a plural number of donkeys and sent Saul to search for them (1 Sam 9:3). Little did anyone know at the time, that mundane and menial event was much bigger and more important than it appeared! In … Continue reading

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I Have Sinned

The phrase I have sinned is found throughout the Bible. It ranges from Pharaoh to Judas Iscariot. Strangely, not all who acknowledge their sin in that way repented to find forgiveness.  There is a definite difference between saying I have … Continue reading

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