Will Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel Be Lost

[Bible Question] In your opinion what happens to a person of any era, for example an 18 yr old native American circa ad 150, who dies while out hunting?  He was out to get food for his family and was trampled by a buffalo.  Where is his soul and why?  Let’s say he was a moral person trying to do right by his family and tribe. Your insights will be helpful to me thank you.

[Bible Answer] We can only assume for any person, including such a native American in ad 150, who was reaching out to God in his own limited way, that God would deal with him in a similar fashion as he dealt with Cornelius in Acts 10.  An angel appeared to him and told him to send to Joppa for Peter to come. [Peter then pointed him to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only “way” to the Father (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Tim. 2:5).] Please read Acts 10 for yourself.  Remember, we are not living in ad 150 and GOD IS JUST. God surely dealt with such an American in a just fashion. NO ONE WILL GO TO HELL WHO SHOULDN’T BE THERE. Regarding you and me, the Biblical message is clear. We must repent and place a faith in JESUS which will OBEY HIM (Acts 20:21 cf. 26:20). Please read this on the Biblical plan of salvation for more.  GOD BLESS YOU.

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