I Got Divorced Because My Husband Cheated

I got divorced because my husband cheated on me more than once. I caught him and he was also addicted to pornography and made many lewd suggestions. I know the Bible allows divorce only in this case. As I was also abused by him I would like to know what now? I know of hundreds of women being killed by their husbands, their children abused and tortured and because the word is not clear on this they stay and get murdered?

The Bible tells us to stay away from a man that’s angry and we must not condone evil words and actions but as this is not given as a reason for divorce what should be done? If you have background of abuse you might know that these men stalk, take on other names and personalities, abuse, torture and do horrendous things to their wives and children. What do we do in these cases, some of these men do not commit adultery that their wives know of but they do terrible things to them….I would greatly appreciate a response to my email as these questions are constantly asked and I do not know how to respond. Kind regards

[Bible Answers] I’m very sorry about your husband. Sin causes much misery and pain which even extends over to innocent people. There is no question that a Christian wife does NOT have to live in the same house with such a vile servant of the devil like him. Such a woman should separate to another location.

It is highly possible that the Mt. 5:32 and Mt. 19:9 passages you referred to might not mean what you think. Please go to Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery and read the part under the subheading Divorce Except For Fornication. The spiritual danger in a remarriage is adultery. Please be careful and guard your heart, even against unforgiveness. Your SOUL is your most valuable possession (Mk. 8:36,37). God bless you.

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Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.
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