John MacArthur on the Adulterous Marriage

Calvinist John MacArthur, Jr. doesn’t readily reveal very often what he really believes about Christians being involved in continuous tense lifestyle adultery and remaining saved, but when teaching about an illegitimately divorced and remarried couple he does! adulteryThat means if you thought John MacArthur teaches holiness and denies a person could be an unrepentant adulterer and a Christian at the same time, you are dead wrong and need to revise your view of him. Here is the proof that he teaches a license to sin, just like many others. Read it carefully. The following is his teaching under the heading, Those That Are Illegitimately Divorced and Remarried:

John MacArthur Sermons Perpetuates Adultery

Now, there is only one other category. Some of you are saying, “I have a problem. I fouled up my marriage when I was a Christian and got a divorce that wasn’t legitimate. Furthermore, I am an adulterer (or an adulteress), because I remarried when I had no grounds. What is my status?” Well, you’re a sinner —welcome to the club.adulterous marriage If you’ve already violated God’s laws as a Christian and you were illegitimately divorced and remarried (in other words, you’re in a union that the Bible defines as an adulterous union), you have only one recourse—to confess the sin, tell God the sorrow of your heart, and stay in that same union … (John MacArthur, Jr., On Divorce, Moody Press Edition, 1985, Chicago, p. 98, emphasis mine)

MacArthur’s Practicing Christian Adulterers?

Without using those terms, John MacArthur is saying they would be lifestyle practicing adulterers. Furthermore, he wouldn’t ever say such lifestyle practicing adulterous people were never saved to begin with! Instead, he comforts them by welcoming them into the club of sinners, which he says he himself is also in! Moreover, he tells such so-called married couples (not married at all in God’s eyes), who would also be in habitual adultery, to just tell God they are sorry and confess their adultery! According to him, no turning away from their adultery (repentance) is needed for their forgiveness.

His teaching, therefore, is a poison-filled wicked abomination. Though it may tickle the ears of such adulterous “married” couples this side of the grave (and grow his ministry now), on the other side of the grave it will be openly revealed as a deadly spiritual snare! BTW, the mere fact that MacArthur denies King David lost his salvation when in adultery and murder should be enough to prove he does have a dangerously warped understanding of Scripture, as also confirmed here.

John MacArthur’s License For Immorality

WARNING! For your soul’s sake avoid John MacArthur’s Calvinistic version of saving faith. It allows for lifestyle Christian adulterers and is far from being Scripturally sound. It is impossible to be an adulterer and a Christian at the same time (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Eph. 5:5-7; Rev. 21:8). Keep away from MacArthur and all other license for immorality teachers. Though John MacArthur doesn’t look like a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing at first glance, he clearly is one, based on his teachings! You are battling for eternity. Your SOUL is at stake! Take these truths to heart and warn others you care about, including Christian singles. The wrong so-called marriage is actually an adulterous marriage in God’s eyes!

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