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The ET Gospel According To Erich Von Daniken

Our world is filled with strange ideas and peculiar people, who invariably, in one way or another, have attacked the Biblical message. One such person is Erich Von Däniken. Shockingly, Erich Von Däniken has written various books related to UFOs … Continue reading

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15 Inch Egyptian Finger and Peru Mummy

Could it be real? Some claim a 15 inch (or 16 inch depending on the source) mummified finger has been found in Egypt, perhaps suggesting a 16 foot very tall being! If real, could it have come from ancient Nephilim? … Continue reading

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World’s Tallest Woman, Yao Defen, Dies

Yao Defen, the world’s tallest woman, recently died at the age of 40. She was 7 feet and 7 inches tall, weighed 440 pounds and was from China. Years ago she said: “I am very unhappy. Why am I this … Continue reading

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One of the greatest Bible mysteries centers around the Nephilim (or giants) mentioned in the Old Testament. There we learn a bit of man’s history you will never be taught in any secular high school class! We first have a … Continue reading

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