Agnostic Crystal McVea’s Near Death Experience

Crystal McVea died for 9 minutes while in the hospital and had a heavenly near death experience. During that time she had a near death experience and says she went to heaven, as an agnostic! crystal mcvea

[Interviewer] “… the school teacher and mother of four explains why she considered herself an unlikely candidate for such an experience.

[Crystal McVea] “I was sexually abused for many years of my life, and it wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God, it was that I questioned his existence my whole life. What kind of God could allow this kind of abuse to happen?”

That spells spiritual deception! An agnostic, like Crystal McVea is a person who isn’t sure if God exists or not. Since she questioned God’s existence her whole life, she was an agnostic! That rules out the possibility that Crystal McVea really went to heaven, since she didn’t have salvation, which only believers have (John 3:18). To have Biblical salvation, one must not only believe in God’s existence, he must believe on Jesus to the point of commitment. Many religions believe in God’s existence, but are without eternal life. To have true salvation, one must meet the requirements for eternal life set down by the Lord Jesus Christ. His faith must be the kind which results in a radical behavioral change, including being set free from his sin addictions to live a holy life. What Crystal McVea said she had only implies a deadly Universal Salvation for all.

Crystal McVea And Eben Alexander Are Calling Jesus A Liar

Crystal McVea, Eben Alexander (pictured to right) and a whole host of other people, who had no genuine profession of faith in Christ at the time of their death, claim they went to heaven for a short time before returning to life! Their experience indirectly calls Jesus Christ a liar, since both Jesus and their experiences can’t be right! eben alexanderWho then should we believe? The answer comes back to authority and credentials. If we go by the evidence, clearly Jesus uniquely has the credentials and authority to declare the truth about eternal life, unlike any other. Hence, it is not logical to believe such near death experiences and the Biblical message too.

Hear Crystal McVea’s Near Death Experience

CAUTION: Near Death Experiences

We live in a day when great religious deception is flourishing to the damnation of others. Many people have had different types of experiences, which likewise contradict others Near Death Experiences and Scripture too! We must glue ourselves to the Biblical message or we will be deceived. Remember, the Bible is final authority (2 Tim. 3:16,17) and the very words which Jesus spoke will condemn people who reject Jesus and don’t accept his words (John 12:48). Don’t be deceived by experiences, including Crystal McVea’s or Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience.

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