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Distinguishing Good from Evil

Though good and evil are opposites, they are not always easy to distinguish or recognize one from the other! In fact, hundreds of millions if not billions can’t and are suffering in HELL because of it. Ponder the following related … Continue reading

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Agnostic Crystal McVea’s Near Death Experience

Crystal McVea died for 9 minutes while in the hospital and had a heavenly near death experience. During that time she had a near death experience and says she went to heaven, as an agnostic! [Interviewer] “… the school teacher … Continue reading

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Another Lying Devil

Our day is rampant with blatant outlandish religious deception. Such deceit often comes through various types of religious leaders cloaked with authority. For example, Stephen Scheier, a Catholic priest, gives his alleged NDE testimony of what he claims happened after … Continue reading

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Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience

In 2008, Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander recovered from a meningitis-induced coma of seven days. During that time he had a heavenly Near Death Experience (or NDE). Now he wants people to know heaven is real and wrote a book, Proof of … Continue reading

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Near Death Experiences

(BIBLE QUESTION) I reviewed your website response to the Near Death Experience phenomenon. I feel I must respond to your comments. You seem to make a sweeping accusation that Near Death Experiences are inherently evil. I’m not sure this is … Continue reading

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What Happens After Death, II

The general consensus among the unbelievers is, when you die you know nothing and that death is the end of all conscious existence. The grave is where it all ends forever, according to them. That has produced the immoral, eat … Continue reading

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