Antichrist Technology And An Ingestible Microchip

Imagine a tiny ingestible microchip (which is swallowed) to monitor you! It now exists and has for a while, which seems one step beyond biometric scanning of the palms! As technology continues to advance, one can only wonder how the antichrist of Revelation 13 will use all of this? It is a fact that one day the beast will conquer the saints (Rev. 13:7)! With the present tense drones, robots, heat sensors, satellites, etc., not to mention what we don’t know about or is yet to come, it will be virtually impossible to escape his worldwide influence. To overcome at that time, we saints must be willing to die (Rev. 12:11). Anything less will NOT be sufficient. The test then will be that severe. That is the only way to overcome, again showing it takes courage to follow Jesus and remain faithful! BTW, the real mark of the beast is a mark on the forehead or hand needed to buy things (Rev. 13:16,17). It is not ingested.

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