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[Catholic Comments] Hey, I was looking up things on St. Augustine in hopes of deepening my faith and increasing my intercessory prayers to him, and low and behold I stumbled on to your site bashing and demeaning the blessed saint….pope symbol I think if you are going to call the history of faithful saints, past and present, antichrist you need to give us a chance to speak for ourselves. And when we are done answer our questions about your faith, which all the ancient churches has condemned as heresy, except Catholics, who in Vatican II, the document you speak against so much, recognizes you as part of the body of Christ. So, pray for us but don’t condemn people that have died for Christ.

[Bible Answer] Greetings in Jesus’ name. God brought you to our page on Augustine to be exposed to His truth. As a former Roman Catholic and a person who has read and studied the Bible for approximately 37 years, and has preached hundreds if not thousands of Bible-based sermons, I can assure you the Bible truth is stated there. Our teaching on Augustine, Catholicism, etc. is accurate historically, logically and most importantly Biblically.

Any person who prays to Mary and is trusting in her as Augustine did is a heretic, if he/she is readily known as such or not. The problem from your Catholic perspective arises from your indoctrination plus lack of Biblical knowledge. (It is up to you to change that!) The Mary of Catholicism is an evolved and fabricated being. Mary is not a rival of the Lord Jesus. Since she is NOT the Mary of the Bible, such a person doesn’t really exist and is unable to save Augustine or anyone else, including you. It, therefore, would be less than worthless to look to her for anything, since such a non-existent being is no more real than the tooth fairy and Santa Claus are. I can assure you that the real Mary of the Bible is NOT co-reigning with Jesus in heaven, as the sinless, sovereign, ever-virgin, Queen of heaven, “way” to God, our life, sweetness, hope, refuge of sinners, etc. Bible truth is Bible truth and such a description doesn’t fit the real Mary at all. Again, I was where you are now. I was changed by reading the Catholic Bible and accepting its message. That life-giving change only came after humbly receiving the evidence. It takes humility to realize you have been traveling the wrong road going in the wrong direction, but God gives GRACE to the humble. You can’t get his grace, if you are proud and reject the truth.

Be assured that you need a fuller understanding about the history of Catholicism. Whoever taught you that former Catholics, who believe like I do, are part of the body of Christ has neglected to also tell you that Vatican Council II also affirmed the Council of Trent, which condemned NON-Catholics with over 100 anathemas! You can easily verify this, if you are willing. (How could the Council of Trent be God’s truth, since it is so different from Vatican Council II and vice versa?) Hence, Catholicism has multiple messages (under their Sacred Tradition), which seriously conflict with each other, including papal so-called ex cathedra “infallible” decrees! God can’t be the author of such confusion!

The best way to know the real from the counterfeit is to consider the power behind the gospel message. The message of Catholicism is unable to break the sin addictions of the sincere Catholic, who believes and practices present day Catholicism. To be set free from your sin addictions, which are dragging you to hell (Mt. 5:28,29; 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8; Mark 9:43-48; etc.), you must turn from your sins and trust in Jesus 100%. Go to Almighty God directly and humbly, and sincerely ask for mercy (Luke 18:13,14). Don’t go through the priest. A Catholic priest can’t forgive your sins. Don’t go to Mary the co-redeemer, since she doesn’t exist. Go to the Savior JESUS and place a submissive faith in him, like he invited us to come (Mt. 11:28; John 5:40; 6:37; 7:37; etc.) and as the dying thief went to and found forgiveness (Lk. 23:42,43). That leaves 0% trust for your salvation in being a Catholic, the sacraments and/or Mary. If the Bible truth offends you, the problem is in you, not the giver of Bible truth. Did you know Jesus offended people by his life-giving teachings? It is my sincere intent to help you and others. I have NO desire to harm you. If I didn’t care about your SOUL, I’d say nothing and just let you continue down the path to destruction. Please read the New Testament 10 times and change accordingly. Sincerely, Dan Corner

About Dan Corner

Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.
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