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Catholic Relics

Part of Catholicism are their relics. Catholic relics are the physical remains (piece of bone, hair, etc.) of a so-called holy person, as a memorial and for veneration. There are different classes of Catholic relics, from first to third and they … Continue reading

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Catholic Augustine

[Catholic Comments] Hey, I was looking up things on St. Augustine in hopes of deepening my faith and increasing my intercessory prayers to him, and low and behold I stumbled on to your site bashing and demeaning the blessed saint…. … Continue reading

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Catholic Sacred Tradition

[BIBLE QUESTION] I’m 20 years old and a practicing Catholic. I read some of the things on your website and I felt inclined to contact you. First, I would like to commend your great effort in the search for Truth. … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers

The devil is very slick. If he can’t deceive you one way, he’ll surely try another! For people who are convinced that the Bible is FINAL AUTHORITY, like the Christians are, the devil sometimes uses the so-called “Church Fathers” to … Continue reading

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