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Question About Personal Evangelism

[Bible Answer] Greetings in Jesus’ name. Thank you for your interest in evangelism. That is GREAT and the need is incredible. Soul winning or evangelism is NOT hard as long as the servants of God can overcome two main problems: … Continue reading

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Chick Tracts Are NOT Sound – BEWARE!

Various religious people, who are involved in Christian evangelism, like Chick tracts because they are illustrated with cartoons. Though the artwork is good, Scripture reveals there are serious problems with Chick’s message. To be more exact, Chick tracts can be … Continue reading

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Beautiful Feet

Most people tend to be too concerned about their own physical appearance, instead of their spiritual condition. Their emphasis also seems to exclude having beautiful feet! So how can a person, any person, get beautiful feet, as God would see … Continue reading

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Ears To Hear

We all have two sets of ears (and two sets of eyes). One set is for the natural and one for the spiritual. For your spiritual ears to have the ability to hear, your spiritual heart must be receptive to … Continue reading

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Christian Love and Faith

Christian love and faith can be manifested in various ways. One of the least recognized ways is through Christian evangelism. Since the GREATEST need a person has is the salvation of the SOUL, then it is obvious that Christians should … Continue reading

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There are many factors to consider to improve your evangelism results. Of course, accurately presenting the Biblical gospel, giving God’s truth in a bold, clear and serious manner and being holy are foundational, but another point is revealed in Paul’s … Continue reading

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