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Jesus taught explicitly on the intense dangers of hell more than once. What he taught about, where the unrighteous go, is most stirring and frightening. The ultimate authority himself used the words eternal punishment: “Then they will go away to … Continue reading

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No Annihilation of The Wicked Dead

Before my wife became a Christian she was adversely influenced by Herbert Armstrong. Consequently, she believed the wicked dead would be annihilated and, therefore, wasn’t too concerned about not having salvation at death! If annihilation was true, she thought she … Continue reading

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Spiritual Blindness

Every person has two sets of eyes and ears, with one set being spiritual! As horrendous as physical blindness is, the worst type of blindness is spiritual. Spiritual blindness is prevalent but not easily recognized by some, including those who … Continue reading

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But The Righteous To Eternal Life

One of the most important points to remember about final salvation (actually entering God’s kingdom) is, eternal life is only given to the righteous. The unrighteous (or wicked) will go to a totally different place, according to Jesus: Then they … Continue reading

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