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Learn From The Ants

Though ants can be highly destructive and cause much damage, we can also learn positive things from them. Before Solomon apostatized he suggested the sluggard to consider the ways of an ant and learn! Go to the ant, you sluggard; … Continue reading

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Was Solomon Saved In His Early Days

[Bible Question From Russia about Solomon] Thank you so much for your site! I really enjoy studying the doctrine of salvation with you! I still have some questions. One of them is: Can we conclude that [King] Solomon was saved … Continue reading

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Run Your Race With Perseverance

The Christian life is likened unto various kinds of situations. One is like a looong distance race, which requires endurance or perseverance to finish the race! It is not a sprint, but a marathon run! Moreover, one saint has one type … Continue reading

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Unequally Yoked

The command and safeguard to be separate from unbelievers and not be unequally yoked with them is vital. For a Christian to have close dealings with any unbeliever as in a business, marriage or even a friendship is to open … Continue reading

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