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John MacArthur on the Adulterous Marriage

Calvinist John MacArthur, Jr. doesn’t readily reveal very often what he really believes about Christians being involved in continuous tense lifestyle adultery and remaining saved, but when teaching about an illegitimately divorced and remarried couple he does! That means if … Continue reading

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Adultery Then Sudden Destruction

Adulterous affairs—they happen far too frequently in this wicked world to the shame and hurt of all involved. Jesus said it was an adulterous generation and many are acting it out. Recently, both a married adulterer (Wayne Hamilton, a deejay … Continue reading

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I Got Divorced Because My Husband Cheated

I got divorced because my husband cheated on me more than once. I caught him and he was also addicted to pornography and made many lewd suggestions. I know the Bible allows divorce only in this case. As I was … Continue reading

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Baptist Beliefs And Practices

Have you ever noticed the double message the once saved always saved people have? That includes the Baptists. It is glaringly obvious once your eyes are opened to their Baptist beliefs and practices. One example involves a Baptist pastor named … Continue reading

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Trapped In PORN

[Comment Related To Eternal Life] I was saved around the age of 11. I followed the Lord for a couple years. But then my family moved to a different town, and we ended up at a less biblical church. I … Continue reading

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Do Not Commit Adultery

According to the Bible there are three ways to commit adultery! Since adultery will destroy one’s possession of eternal life and relationship with God, we Christians all need to know what the various ways are so we can keep ourselves … Continue reading

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Bible Answer on Divorce and Remarriage

(BIBLE QUESTION) In your advise to the gentleman who asked about divorcing and remarrying, you gave everything except truth – if the spouse man/woman is abusive physically, abusive verbally or totally deny your very existence. You mean to say that … Continue reading

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We live in a world of sin and deception. That includes the church world, which is supposed to be the pillar and foundation of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15), but isn’t in our day! The sin of adultery, caused by … Continue reading

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