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Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.

He Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

The following Bible answer was sent to a person whose so-called “pastor” (an eternal security teacher) has tried his best to avoid the obvious problems and issues that we raise regarding his false doctrine from documented quotes and contrary Scripture … Continue reading

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Christian Prostitutes, Richard Wurmbrand and Voice of the Martyrs

Many professing Christians have heard of and even support Richard Wurmbrand and Voice of The Martyrs, but do the same really know what it is spreading to others doctrinally? Probably not! Because Richard Wurmbrand himself believes there are Christian prostitutes, … Continue reading

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Private Interpretation

Sometimes, as the Christian shares the Biblical evidence for what to believe and what not to believe, some opponents will counter with “Scripture is not of private interpretation.” Some Catholics and even a few Jehovah’s Witnesses have used that on … Continue reading

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Notable 3:16s of the Bible

There is no doubt about it, all the verses of the Bible are important or they wouldn’t be there. However, some verses stand out more than other ones. It is like that with the various 3:16s, that is, the Scriptures … Continue reading

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Musical Sermons

A religious song is like a sermon put to music. Just because the tune or the voice behind the lyrics might be beautiful or peaceful to the ear doesn’t mean the words are wholesome and good!  In fact, some so-called … Continue reading

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There Are NO Christian Liars

Are there Christian liars? The answer is NO, but some actually think they are, like a car salesman! In fact, I recently had a witnessing encounter with a car salesman I knew to be a once saved always saved proponent … Continue reading

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Beautiful Feet

Most people tend to be too concerned about their own physical appearance, instead of their spiritual condition. Their emphasis also seems to exclude having beautiful feet! So how can a person, any person, get beautiful feet, as God would see … Continue reading

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Antichrist Characteristics

Antichrist characteristics, as defined in the Bible, show he is NOT reigning now in 2013. Please verify the following Scriptures regarding the antichrist characteristics, for your own good.

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Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) Prayer

When I was a Catholic, I often heard the Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) prayer recited. It is found at the end of the rosary and focuses on the Mary of Catholicism. It is a complete fabrication and dangerously misinforms … Continue reading

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Cat Man Dennis Avner Committed Suicide

Dennis Avner (Cat Man) spent his life trying to look like a stalking cat! He spent tons of money on operations, injections, tattoos, etc. for that and apparently had found his life so intolerable at age 54 that he committed … Continue reading

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